"The fundamental tenet of your beliefs is that the essence of each human being is his spirit or soul, which has an existence apart from the physical body and lives before the birth and after the death of the physical body. The human soul is inherently wise and gentle and will provide proper guidance for behavior in the physical world if the person is sufficiently self-aware to understand his soul's instructions. You believe that at one time all human spirits were united as a single, whole spirit. This united spiritual entity constituted the "One-Self Aware," the ultimate Supreme Being. Through time the One-Self Aware divided into its constituent elements and thus created the many human spirits that now exist. Because all human spirits were thus created from the same spiritual being, they are in essence the same."
–from a letter from the IRS approving our non-profit status in 1976


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Inter-Relations was founded by artist, Frank Moore (1946-2013). We are presently focused on preserving his enormous archives by publishing books of his writings, digitizing boxes of video tapes, transcribing interviews, scanning photographs, etc.

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Uncomfortable Zones of Fun coverLavapen cover

Some of our latest projects published in 2022 and 2023: The Uncomfortable Zones of Fun: The Temescal Period 2009-2013, a 716-page, full-color hardcover book; Lavapen: The Art of LaBash and What A Life: The (auto)Biography of Shaman/Performance Artist Frank Moore.

What A Life cover


BAMPFA, the Berkeley Art Museum at UC Berkeley, will be doing a solo exhibit of Frank Moore’s oil paintings in 2023:
Frank Moore / MATRIX 280: Theater of Human Melting
January 25–April 23, 2023

Two of Frank Moore’s oil paintings, “Patti Smith” and “Mariah” are now part of BAMPFA’s permanent collection.

Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley, will be the future home of Frank Moore’s archives. The first delivery of materials was made September 29, 2017.

Bancroft Library delivery

Linda Mac, Steven Black, Michael LaBash with the first delivery of Frank's archive boxes. Photo by Keith Wilson.

About Frank Moore

From Wikipedia:

“Frank James Moore (June 25, 1946 – October 14, 2013) was an American performance artist, shaman, poet, essayist, painter, musician and Internet/television personality who experimented in art, performance, ritual, and shamanistic teaching since the late 1960s.

Moore was born with cerebral palsy, could not walk or talk, and communicated using a laser-pointer and a board of letters, numbers, and commonly used words. Using his pointer, he wrote books, directed plays, directed, acted in and edited films, and regularly gave poetry readings. Moore played piano, sang in ensemble music jams, and led bands in hard core punk clubs all along the West Coast of the United States until his death. He also produced, and exhibited across the United States and Canada, a large collection of original oil and digital paintings.”

You can read the full Wikipedia entry here.

Frank Moore in front of the Art Institute of Chicago

Frank Moore, in front of the Art Institute, Chicago, 1991. Photo by Linda Mac.


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